Yoga with Heather B

I started doing yoga videos in my living room while in university. And I don’t mean Youtube videos- VHS tapes! I wanted to try yoga because it was the opposite of all the organized sports I played. The individuality and quietness of the practice drew me in. 

A couple of years later while living in Toronto, a co-worker took me to my first yoga studio. I was intimidated at first but quickly felt comfortable on my mat. It was a big adjustment going from videos to a studio where the teachers only used Sanskrit names for poses but I loved everything about it- the wood floors, gauzy curtains, the smell of incense, the ancient names and shapes, using props to help me into new poses. I didn’t know it then, but I was building a foundation for my future practice as a student and teacher. 

For over 20 years I have continued to seek out studios, teachers and styles to explore and learn. This is what led me to yoga teacher training with Barb Leese at Yogashala. I’ve always wanted to become a teacher to share my joy for yoga and demonstrate how we really do live our yoga both on and off the mat. I hope you will feel it too, when we practice together.

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Burlington, Ontario