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Avocado the Cat

It’s scientifically proven that avocados are good for you.  So, it makes perfect sense that this Avocado will be great for you!

Most avocados come from Mexico, but this two- year old kitty is from a farm in Cayuga.  He’s a former farm cat so he spent a lot of time outdoors.  Now he’s looking for his forever home indoors with a nice cozy bed and preferably his own room.

Avocado needs a patient home with a pet parent who can work on his shyness.  He wants to feel safe and it may take him some time to come out of his shell.  You can pet him, but not pick him up yet.  Will your patience and loving kindness soften Avocado’s heart?  Come visit him at Burlington Humane!

Cat Bios, Portfolio

Shelter Cat Bios for Burlington Humane Society

7 Sweet Questions with Napoleon

Photo courtesy BHS

Hi there!  What’s your name?

A: My friends at the shelter call me Napoleon Dynamite, but you can call me Napoleon for short.

What is your favourite game to play?

A: When I get to roam the halls at BHS, I like it when the humans throw my toys down the long hall, so I can fetch.  I must have been a dog in a former life!  I also like tetherball, but I can’t reach the ball.

What celebrity do you most look like?

A: Garfield.  Just kidding.  I’ve been told I look like Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

What’s your favourite food?

A: Tater tots.

*interviewer’s note: Napoleon has some tummy troubles, so we’ve been trying different diets to find out which will be best for him.  He may say he loves tater tots, but we don’t feed them to him.

Do you get along with other cats?  Dogs?

A: I like to be the king of my castle.  Having an equally matched friend in my new home would be ideal so we can play and wrestle.  If his name was Pedro, that would be sweet.

How do you like your pets and scratches?

A: I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough, but generally I like good, long pets from my head to my tail.  I don’t like being scratched on my back near my tail.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

A: Lots of naps, lots of playing with toys with my human, and treats that don’t upset my tummy!  Then we’ll watch a movie together and chill.  But I may schedule an intermission, so we can play one more time before the movie ends.


photo courtesy BHS

Macintosh is sweeter than a honey crisp apple!  Look at this adorable face.  He’s a little shy at first, but he’ll warm up to anyone who spends some one-on-one time with him.

Currently, he’s hanging out in his own comfy room at the shelter, waiting patiently for someone to adopt him.  Mac has been at the shelter far too long.  He deserves a loving home for the holidays.

He may be considered a senior cat, but you would never know it.  His beautiful, shiny coat and bright green eyes make him look years younger.  Plus, he loves to play!  He’s still a kitten at heart.

Just like humans, Macintosh has some tummy troubles.  The vet suspects IBD (irritable bowel disease).  If it flares up, a special diet and some medication will have Mac feeling better in no time.

Stop by the shelter to get to know Macintosh.  He would love to meet you!


Picture Snuggles the bear.  Okay, now picture him as an orange and white cat!

Cheyenne’s middle name should be Snuggles because he is the snuggliest cat!  He will rub his face and body all over you to show you how much he loves you.  And once you become best friends, he will likely want to sleep under the covers with you.  Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with a furry little kitty on a cold night?

Ideally, Cheyenne would love someone who works from home or is home a lot to help build his confidence.  He’s a shy boy so far, but as soon as you start petting him and talking to him, he’s all over you.  He loves other cats, so another kitty friend might be a great companion for him.  Cheyenne’s human friend Doug gets down on the floor to play with him, so his forever parent should have a pillow nearby to sit on!

When he first moves into his forever home, Cheyenne would be happiest in his own quiet room.  He will want some quality one- on- one time with you while he gets his bearings.  He has the sweetest purrsonality and is such a lover.

Cheyenne was one of the Quebec cats who arrived at the shelter in mid-November.  He had a long journey so he’s understandably still a little nervous.  If you’re someone who has been through a journey of your own and are looking for a sweet, furry companion with a lot of love to give, Cheyenne is the right guy for you!

Please stop by the shelter to say hello.  He’s waiting to meet you!


photo courtesy BHS

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think Pearls are!

Only one and a half years old, Pearl is a little kitty who still looks like a kitten.  She’s sweet and tiny like a tic tac.  You’ll be able to pick her up because she’s so gentle.  Pearl needs an equally gentle home.  One where she can take her time getting to know you and her surroundings.

Pearl is a timid girl who needs some time to come out of her oyster.  She likes her own space and would enjoy a quiet home with someone who can help build her kitty confidence.

Patience is a virtue.  Once you have earned her trust, she will shower you with love and be a great friend.

Pearl is one of the Quebec kitties who arrived in mid-November.  She’s still a little stressed from the journey so she’s looking for some stability.  She currently has an eye issue called a plaque but drops are taking care of it.  It’s caused by stress.  Once Pearl is settled into her new home, it likely won’t return.

Come and meet our beautiful gem, Purrl.  She would love to get to know you!


Le meow!  That’s French for “meow” in case you were wondering.

Garrison hails from Quebec and just arrived at BHS in November.  He’s a sophisticated French cat who should be wearing a beret and sipping coffee with his human while reading the paper on Sunday morning.  We need to find his forever home to make his dream come true.

You’ll build your arm muscles in no time from picking up Garrison.  He’s 15 pounds of love!  He enjoys being picked up and will probably become a lap cat before you know it.  He makes friends everywhere he goes because he’s bilingual.  Just kidding!  He’s super friendly and has a playful personality.  He would love some stimulated play every day.

Do you have windows with a view?  When he’s not playing with you, Garrison likes to look out the window to keep a pulse on the neighbourhood.

Garrison is a sweet senior who is young at heart.  We hope he finds a loving home with an equally sweet senior human, or someone who can look past his age and see that he’s a fun guy who will make a great companion.

Come meet Garrison at BHS and spend some time with him.  He’s a keeper!