About Me

Photo taken by me!

In high school, I worked in a record store and vowed that one day I would work at Sony Music.  And then it happened! My first job after graduating from university was my dream job.

I was passionate about music, and I was passionate about my super-cool job. I executed publicity schedules with bands when they came to town. I took new singles to Toronto radio and video stations and persuaded the music directors to add them to their playlists. I gained valuable experience collaborating with artists and the media. I’ve always thought about those exciting days and wished I pursued the public relations fork in the road.

In 2018 I stopped thinking about my crazy dream and did something about it. I went to Ryerson for a PR certificate program and studied all of the practical skills a PR/ communications practitioner should know. It was exciting to connect my expertise with my new competencies.

Some of the new skills I learned were writing strategic communication plans, crisis management, repairing reputations, media relations, internal communications and interviewing techniques. I enjoyed putting together a strategy to solve a complex PR problem. I also discovered a passion for writing. Among other things, I wrote news releases, speeches and bios. I would love to be able to do more of this in my next role.

In my career, I’ve managed sales, accounts, projects and products. There really isn’t much difference between those roles and communications. I’ve been storytelling for years! I excel at building strong relationships, leading teams and creating and presenting strategic initiatives and plans. I’ve accomplished so much through teamwork and collaboration. I would love to build on these skills to take on a challenging new role in marketing and communications.

I recently fulfilled another lifelong dream – I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher certification. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and always wanted to pursue teacher training. Initially it was to grow my own practice, but I discovered that my path is leading me to teach. I’m excited to begin teaching and share the joy of yoga.

I’m on Linked In at http://ca.linkedin.com/in/heatherbodajla/