A little bit about me

As a Hatha yoga instructor, I strive to create accessible and safe classes that can be modified for every ability. It’s important that everyone in my classes feel comfortable and included. I love to teach with props so students understand that it’s normal and helpful to use them in their practice too.

I have practiced yoga for over 25 years (teaching since 2020) and sharing my love of yoga as well as the benefits it offers has been valuable for my students- especially those who were tentative about trying a class. Getting them to step onto the mat is the first phase. Once they are there, I hope they begin to understand that yoga is more than just the poses. 

In 2021, I completed a 40-hour Fascial Yin Yoga certification as well as Reiki Level 1. In 2020, I completed a 20-hour Yoga for Seniors certification and I now teach seniors! Whether it’s on a mat or chair yoga, I’ve got you covered. I am also First Aid & CPR-AED Level- C certified from the Red Cross.

2022 has been a busy year. I completed barre teacher training, Reiki Level 2 and Mat Pilates teacher training. I’m about to start Pilates Reformer teacher training in November. Whew!

I’m an active recreational athlete and long-distance runner. I’ve run eight marathons, eight Around the Bay 30K races and numerous half marathons in the past 10 years. I love running so much that I became a certified marathon running coach so I can help others achieve their running goals. I’ve been an avid golfer and snowboarder. In addition to running and yoga, I can also be found on the Pilates Reformer or my rowing machine.

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Burlington, Ontario