Yoga Basics Workshop

Start where you are and join this 4-week in-person workshop to learn some yoga basics. For folks who are new to yoga or those looking to get back to basics. All you need to get started is an open mind. And a mat 😉

This is a call for anyone who has said “I’m not flexible enough for yoga.” Your body doesn’t need to be flexible, only your mind does. Together we will make the poses work for your body, not the other way around. In addition to yoga postures, we will also learn some breathwork styles. Did you know this is also part of yoga? It is!

I will have a limited number of blocks and straps. If you have your own props, bring them along. If you need a mat, let me know.

Please email me with any questions. I’m happy to help you get started on your yoga journey!

We start Saturday, June 4th at 3 pm at Lucille’s Ball Dance Studio in Burlington. The deadline to book your spot is Thursday, May 26th. Hurry before it fills up!

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