How to dress for a cold run outside


Have you ventured outside for a run since the temperatures dropped below -5C? Don’t be discouraged. Get out there! With lockdown keeping us indoors and isolated, we need fresh air and some human interaction. Even if it’s waving to people and their pets in the neighbourhood while you’re out for a run.

If you’re wondering how to dress in this cold weather (-8C or colder), here’s what I had on today:

  1. Base layer/long johns
  2. Brushed cotton tights (lined inside- not my regular tights)
  3. Double- layer crew socks (prevents blisters and keeps feet warm)
  4. Long sleeve shirt (wicks moisture away so the thermal layer can keep you warm)
  5. 1/4 zip thermal long sleeve
  6. Jacket
  7. Touque
  8. Buff neck warmer. Can be used as a head and face cover too.
  9. Mitts because my fingers freeze in gloves
  10. Bonus for night time runners: please wear a light! I wear a bright headlamp and often reflective tights. This is so others can see YOU.

I get cold easily so I dress in layers. Be careful not to overdress. A rule of thumb is to dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer but that doesn’t always work for me in the winter. I find that guides me in every season except winter.

Do you have any cold weather running tips? Keep warm and be safe out there!

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