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Snow White’s Fairy Tale

This is sweet and beautiful, Snow White!

Her story isn’t like the fairy tale.  She has her own tale to tell.

Snow White was surrendered to BHS with a broken leg.   It required a special surgery to fix.  She now has some pins and a plate in her back leg, but she can walk again!  She’s currently on bed/cage rest but she’ll be jumping around again in no time.  Her incision is healing quickly, and she is excited to play with her new friend Valentino.

That’s right!  Our little Snow White has a Prince Charming!  His name is Valentino and he comes to visit her cage for head butts and nuzzles.  He is also looking for his forever home.  They don’t need to be a double adoption, but they sure are cute together.  If you’re considering adopting two cats, you can’t go wrong with these lovebirds.

Come visit Valentino and Snow White at Burlington Humane and give Snow White the happy ending she deserves.

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